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Culture Studios is a photography and videography company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our mission is to create unique, thoughtful, and unforgettable photography sessions that provide photos and videos that our clients can cherish for the rest of their lives. Here at Culture Studios, we believe your story matters. No matter your race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, culture, background, etc. Culture Studios is committed to providing and creating a welcoming community based on diversity and acceptance. Culture Studios is determined to establish a unique space for our clients to feel honored, welcomed, and empowered as we capture them as who they are.


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Welcome! We are Culture Studios!

Culture Studios is a photography, and videography company owned by Jehnah Benalshaikh, and Alex Hinrichs. Jehnah and Alex are a dynamic duo and couple who have been working together since 2018. They launched Culture Studios in January of 2021. Together, they aspire to capture their clients' special moments through photography and video.Storytellers at heart, Jehnah and Alex aim to create an intimate space where your story sits at the center of your session. With a genuine desire to get to know you and hear your own unique story, the two are quick to develop a fun and inviting atmosphere during the duration of your session. "We can't wait to meet you, and capture your story!" - Jehnah and Alex

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how did you get started in photography?

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I love the Devil Wears Prada. This movie is definitely where my love for fashion started and why I enjoy photographing it so much. Fashion is where an individual's true personality can shine and I love that! 

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I got my first point and shoot camera when I was twelve and just started experimenting and practicing with nature. Then when I was sixteen I got my first DSLR and started working with more people and photographing portraits. I also worked for the photojournalism department at the University of St. Thomas in high school. Once I graduated high school I went to the Art Institute International located in Minneapolis and studied photography for a year. This is where I got more creative with my photography and branched out to weddings, couples, and fashion photography. One of my favorite achievements would definitely be that I was the photographer for the Minnesota locations of Ann Taylor, which was definitely a dream come true being able to be a fashion photographer and work with such a diverse group of individuals.

I love how Alex looks for creative shots when he photographs. Whether it be shooting through objects or different angles. This is especially great during our weddings because I might shoot from one angle and he will see another one of the same shot and then clients get a variation in their galleries.

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how did you get started in photography?

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 My cliché answer would be Harry Potter. I love the magic and the imagination that comes from the series. Although, I love Luca from Disney Studios. I’m an Italian at heart, and love movies that dive… no pun intended… into the culture of my family yet can create and keep a light-hearted effect.

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My stepdad is a photographer, and I used to sneak his cameras because I wanted to learn how to take photos like him. I always knew I wanted to make video content as well, but the Nikon cameras weren’t capable of taking enough quality videos. I invested in Sony cameras instead, started making recap videos of fun experiences/shoots I was a part of and that’s where the passion began. Today, one of my favorite memories is making the Go-Blue tours for the PUNTA CANA hotel and travel agency and experience the scenery and culture within those environments.

I love that she’s able to see the shot before she has the camera lined up. She knows where she wants to set up and has the ability to visualize a couple and the scenery in a situation. Meanwhile, for me, I’m an extremely in-the-moment kind of person who enjoys getting to know a location and the dynamic in the moment. Jehnah has a natural gifted eye, whereas I feel I develop my eye as the shoot develops. I admire/and am impressed by the way that she breaks out of her traditional at-home personality and she breaks into her work-jehnah personality. She takes charge and it’s a refreshing, inspiring space to be involved in. 

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Iceland or Bali

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Dream Photo Location:

Faroe Islands or the Philippines 

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A strong, welcoming community is at the forefront of our brand. We strive to be a safe and inclusive space for all humans. No matter your background or who you are, we love and support you.


A rich, deep connection is rooted in the foundation of our brand. We draw upon our own unique experiences as humans that open the door to long-lasting relationships.


“Down to Earth” is the best way to describe us. Always up for an adventure and a good laugh. We aim to become your new hiking or date night buddies!




"Although I was ecstatic at the opportunity to get a couple’s photoshoot with Jehnah & Alex/Culture Studios given their incredible work, I was SO nervous prior to the shoot as I am generally a camera-shy & self-conscious person. All my worries immediately went away as soon as I met with the photographers. They are full of positive energy and made it such a fun, laid-back, enjoyable one-hour experience. They have a way of making everyone feel beautiful and brought non-stop laughter out of both of us which created the most beautiful photos and captured memories. I can’t recommend Culture Studios enough for any type of photoshoot or event. I felt more in love with my boyfriend after the session together and we will definitely want to use Culture Studios for all future needs including engagement, wedding, and future family pictures."

"Alex + Jehnah were my wedding photographers and they captured my day beautifully! Thanks to them my day was seamless and easy. We now have photos to look back on and share with others that portray all the love and beauty of our wedding day for the rest of our lives. I cannot thank them enough and would highly recommend them to anyone!"

"Working with Jehnah and Alex in the Culture studio has been an amazing experience. Without a doubt, they are the most amazing, professionally experienced, and well-talented photographers I have ever worked with. They are very fun and creative. My family and I were very pleased with the quality of every photo."