Investing in photography and videography for your sessions can be intimidating, and expensive. That's why we're here to help, and ease any concerns you might have!

Photography is a great way to capture moments. Although, it is too common to forget those fine details of the day. What someone says, the way your spouse looks at you and how that expression changes, the words you offer each other - and the shaking, nervous and excited voices that speak them aloud. These are elements that photography can't capture, but videography can. It's an incredible art that allows the viewer to gain the perspective of everyone involved. Getting caught up in the moment is expected because it means you're living. But to see each other in the moment... after that moment has passed... that's where the magic begins. 

Yes. There is an additional cost to adding videography to your sessions. Photography and videography are two different art forms and ways to capture your sessions. They both provide a unique product that you will be able to cherish for the rest of your lives. Where photography captures a moment in time, videography allows you to fully embrace yourself in that moment. We like to think of videography as reliable memories. Today, our memories are potent and strong... but in 20 years? Videography allows our clients to immortalize their special moments. And, as we like to say, there's a difference between seeing the moment you say "I do," and hearing you say it instead.

The concept of editing a video, compared to editing a gallery of photos is different because the processes behind the scene are different. The final result does create a similarity of tone and appearance to the video as your photos.

Yes. The process of editing a video is very different from editing a gallery of photos. For example, if your wedding lasts twelve hours, our staff must rewatch twelve hours of video from a minimum of three different angles of video footage. This is equivalent to 36 hours of film. Then, the videographer must decide which angles of the footage are best for your recap video before the tone/ambiance editing begins. After the footage-editing, and the tone/ambiance-editing are completed, the videographer must then take out any sound impurities. This could be anything from the wind being too loud, to a baby crying, or to a sneeze.

The Culture Studios team has over 8 years of experience doing countless weddings, events, sporting events, etc.

We at Culture Studios are a full-service photography and videography company. We have experience in and provide videography for weddings, music videos, concerts, travel videos, corporation videos, local business and community videos, volunteer organization videos, and much more.

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